Rural Tourism  
For reservations and other inquiries, please contact:

J. J. Fernandes Nunes

(+351) 925 643 289

Note: Cost of a call to the national landline.
Please take a look at our price table. Prices are per room, per night and with breakfast included.
Rooms Price
Suite (2 adults and 1 child) 75 € 
Double Room 65 € 
Single Room 50 € 
For Groups 2 nights 3 nights
6 people 304 €  456 € 
8 people 405 €  608 € 
10 people 506 €  760 € 
There are special prices for long duration occupations.
Many of the “arraianas” villages of the Sabugal Town have, for tradition, to associate with the annual parties in honour of the respective “oragos” a bullfight, whose contours are unique. It is the called “capeia arraiana with forcão”.

To get further information please consult the site of the City council of Sabugal.

During the month of August, every year in the days of the bullfight, the villages are full of people - children of the land in vacation joy, and also visitors.

It is a meeting of family and friends and the facts occurred during those “capeias” will be the subject for many colloquies at the fireplace, during the long and cold Winter of Beira region.

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